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  • Joint comfort (including neck, shoulder, knee and extremities)
  • Mobility, range of motion and flexibility
  • Muscle and joint comfort after training, competition, athletic events and normal day-to-day wear-and-tear
  • Relief from pain and inflammation due to arthritis, acute injury or post surgical discomfort

Package Dimensions: 71x122x68

Details: Vetri-Science Decor +Mobility Pro is a dietary supplement that combines Corydalis, Devil’s Claw, Boswellia and Bromelain to support mobility, flexibility and comfort required for everyday activity. Decor +Mobility has been designed to help relieve general aches and pains associated with physical activity and over-exertion making it an exceptional every day support product for energetic dogs and cats. Decor +Mobility Pro is veterinary approved as an herbal, natural alternative to the use of prescription NSAID medications given for pain. Can be given everyday or as needed for pain management. Corydalis yanhusuo is an herb used in Chinese medicine. It has been studied for its swift response in helping the body to deal with both acute and chronic joint discomfort. It has been shown to exhibit a wide number of actions on the central nervous system which support comfort. Devil’s Claw is a plant indigenous to South Africa. The active ingredients in Devil’s Claw are iridous glycosides called harpagosides, which are found in the secondary root. Devil’s Claw has been used for thousands of years in Africa for fever, joint discomfort and skin conditions. It appears to support joint flexibility and comfort by its ability to promote the production of favorable prostaglandins (1 & 3) and leukotrienes. Decor Mobility Pro is an excellent choice for supporting discomfort resulting from everyday activity in energetic pets. Directions For Use: Under 10 lbs. 1/4 capsule twice daily 10-20 lbs. 1/2 capsule twice daily 21 – 50 lbs. 1 capsule twice daily 51- 100 lbs. 2 capsules twice daily Over 100 lbs. 3 capsules twice daily Use as needed for maximum comfort for dogs or cats with limited mobility and flexibility.

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