Azovast Plus Kidney Healt


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Brand: Pet Health Pharma


  • 💊Azovast Plus probiotic 120 Caps is Renal Home Care Product to help support kidney function; safe for cats & dogs of all ages and sizes
  • 💊Contains Four beneficial probiotics to help promote good kidney health, Quality of Health, Quality of Life (QOL) & manage renal toxins
  • 💊Azovast Plus for Dogs and Cats is suitable for pets of all sizes who need extra kidney health support
  • 💊Special formula of FOUR naturally-occurring, friendly (probiotics) for happy pet well-being
  • 💊Azovast Plus is made using only high quality human grade ingredients at a cGMP facility in the USA

Package Dimensions: 51x101x91

Details: Azodil Plus is a nutritional supplement for cats and dogs that reduces elevated levels of urea and other nitrogen compounds in the blood, an increased concentration of compounds that impair the kidneys’ ability to filter and eliminate waste. This effective formula contains S. thermophilus, L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. casei . Azodil Plus DO NOT REQUIRE REFREGRATION and do not worry for refrigerator temperatures at all times.
✅Azodil Plus is a nutritional supplement for supporting renal (kidney) function in dogs and cats.
✅Best results are typically experienced after 8-12 weeks of consistent daily use to enhance renal function and improve pet wellbeing
Azodil Plus is a new, breakthrough product for the reduction of elevated levels of urea and other nitrogen compounds in the blood in dogs and cats to reduce toxin build up in the body.
Fast acting, safe, and no side effects
Capsule are easy to dose.
The kidneys do critical work, filtering waste and toxins from the body. But if your dog or cat’s kidneys aren’t functioning properly, then the kidneys could be damaged and other problems can occur. If your pet needs renal (kidney) support, talk to your veterinarian about Azodil Plus, a nutritional supplement that supports kidney function. Azodil Plus Capsule work to flush toxins out of the bowel and blood and slow further toxin build up in the body.
Capsule should be administered on an empty stomach. Allow free access to fresh drinking water during administration.
For animals weighing less than 5lbs: Give 1 Capsule daily
For animals weighing 5-10lbs: Give 2 Capsule daily (1 Capsule a.m., 1 Capsule p.m.)
For animals weighing more than 10lbs: Give 3 Capsule daily (2 Capsule a.m., 1 Capsule p.m.)
WARNINGS: For animal use only. Keep

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