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Brand: Rx Vitamins

Color: Multi


  • Milk Thistle Liver Support for Pets: This dog and cat liver health supplement contains potent Silymarin milk thistle extract which helps promote healthy liver function.
  • 100mg Silymarin Milk Thistle Extract: An effective dose of this powerful herb aids in cat and dog liver support. Include this in your senior dog supplements for daily liver support.
  • Powerful Milk Thistle for Dogs & Cats: Alongside several vitamins, this pet liver support supplement aids in glutathione levels in the liver, helping to facilitate many bodily processes.
  • Liver Support Capsules: Especially for senior pets, liver support for dogs and cats is crucial to their overall wellness. Hepatic support for pets can be as easy as a capsule a day!
  • Quality You Can Trust: This cat and dog liver supplement is crafted with premium ingredients and is recommended by veterinarians for pet liver support at any age over 12 weeks.

Package Dimensions: 63x130x82

Details: About Rx Vitamins for Pets Hepato Support Capsules for Dogs and Cats If your pet has some liver function troubles, Rx Vitamins Hepato Support for Pets is a great option! This well-rounded liver support supplement contains Silymarin, the extract of Milk Thistle, which provides nutraceutical and botanical protection from liver toxins. As well, a collection of nine potent vitamins and antioxidants to help nourish and protect cells all over the body. Simply put, this milk thistle supplement provides nutritional support to enable healthy liver function. Glutathione, the antioxidant created by the body when taking a dog milk thistle supplement, helps boost liver function, protect cells, and support the immune system. Senior dog vitamins often contain many crucial nutrients, but this milk thistle dogs and cats formula also contains B vitamins and Alpha Lipoic Acid for additional support. Hepatic support for dogs and cats begins with a wholesome supplement, and these feline and canine liver support capsules are crafted with high-quality ingredients so ensure a safe and effective product for your pet. Add liver supplements for dogs or cats to your list of pet essentials to help support their liver throughout their life. For small dogs, large dogs, and cats of all sizes, this Rx Vitamins supplement is a must-have for aging and senior pets as well. Offer your cat or dog liver support with a wholesome supplement with premium ingredients. Reach for Rx Vitamins Hepato Support for Dogs and Cats and get the quality you trust!

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