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Brand: Beloved Pets


  • ✅FELINE & CANINE URINARY TRACT INFECTION TREATMENT – Urinary tract control with cranberry that only treat the symptoms of kidney failure and disease, our superior all natural supplement provides pain relief with no side-effects and without harming your cat’s other healthy organs.
  • ✅PROMOTES KIDNEY & BLADDER HEALTH – Help flush toxin build up from the kidney & bladder for comfort urination, & include anti-inflammatory properties. This medication is especially formulated to help flush out kidney stones, strengthen the immune system, prevent kidney failure, and relieve inflammation associated with urinary tract infections for dog and cats.
  • ✅STOP FREQUENT URINATION – Especially designed for pets, our renal care homeopathic uti medicine has been proven to strengthen the renal system and remove deterrents, waste and toxins from your pet’s body. Keep this critical filtration system healthy to optimize lungs, heart, and liver health.
  • ✅EASY TO GIVE CATS AND DOGS OF ANY AGE OR BREED – Dose once to twice a day with food or water. cat, kittens, dog, puppy up to 20 lbs ½ drop, dogs 20-35 lbs 1 drop, dogs 36 lbs 2 drops. These liquid organic meds have NO ODOR, NO CHEMICALS and leave NO BAD TASTE! The supplements is best replacement chewable treats, capsules, tablets, pills.
  • ✅THE INGREDIENTS OF THE REMEDY target different areas: Cranberry Extract (supports urinary tract, helps prevent stones and reduces inflammation), Pumpkin Seed Extract (has antioxidant properties & strengthens the body) , Couch Grass (helps support digestive health & involved in the treatment of problems with urinary tract), Marshmallow Root (relieves pain, has antimicrobial properties).

Package Dimensions: 65x126x118

Details: herbal supplement for pets

UPC: 765066623371